Re-Move™ - Vein Treatment

Advanced, Non-Surgical, Vaicose and Spider Vein ReMoval!

What Causes Spider and Varicose Veins?

Spider veins form when the valves in the veins stop functioning correctly. Veins collect and carry the blood back to the heart and lungs to be oxygenated. Unlike arteries, veins do not contain any smooth muscle surrounding the lumen (tube massage). Therefore, they cannot push blood back to the heart, and instead rely on the large, striated muscle (like your bicep, or hamstrings) to push blood back to the heart. To prevent the blood from slipping backwards, the veins are filled with little one-way valves, that only allow blood to flow one direction. However, with age, trauma, illness and other conditions, the valves stop working correctly and the blood begins to fall backwards and pool, thus creating spider veins, varicose veins, etc.

How does the Re-Move™ - Vein Treatment Work?

Our laser or IPL machine uses a certain frequency of light wave that is preferentially absorbed by the blood (specifically the oxy-hemoglobin and deoxy-hemoglobin). Because it is preferentially absorbed by the blood, your blood vessels heat up more quickly than surrounding tissue. This causes your veins to clot or sclerose closed, rendering them broken and ready for re-absorption. Your body then reabsorbs your broken veins. This is not dangerous because your body has a multitude of extra veins that easily compensate for the ones that are lost. Furthermore, your targeted veins were already not functioning correctly, and your body has already produced new veins to compensate. Sometimes we inject a sclerosing agent (an irritating compound that causes the vein to close) into the non-functioning veins.

Is the Re-Move™ - Vein Treatment Right for Me?

The Laser or IPL should not be performed on dark brown or black pigmented skin types because of the high risk of permanent skin color changes, and possible burns. Otherwise, if you have spider veins or small varicose veins, people who have the remove – Laser Vein Removal are typically very satisfied with their results. The sclerosing agent can be used on all skin types. We invite you to schedule a free consultation!

A word from Dr. Justin R. Johnsen M.D.

The Re-Move™ – Vein Treatment is one of the best ways to erase those troublesome spider veins and smaller varicose veins, restoring youth, vitality, and confidence. It is a permanent, organic, and long-lasting treatment because it can permanently erase those stubborn and unsightly veins. Quit wasting your time and energy with messy creams! Come experience a permanent solution with the Re-Move™ – Vein Treatment!