Re-Straight™ - Peyronie’s Disease Treatment in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Most Effective, Non-Surgical way to Treat Peyronie's Disease!

What is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s disease is a condition resulting from fibrous scar tissue that develops in the penile shaft. It is caused by penile trauma or injury, typically during sex or physical activity. Peyronie’s diseases causes curved, painful erections, and interferes with sexual function.

What is the Re-Straight™ - Peyronie's Disease Treatment?

The Re-Straight™ – Peyronie’s Disease Treatment, is a safe noninvasive treatment for men with Peyronie’s Disease that works to enhance sexual performance, increase penile firmness, restore penile sensation, and improve penile blood flow. At ReMedical™ we combine Low Intensity Shock Wave Therapy (LISWT) (which has been shown to improve and soften scar tissue, the main cause of Peyronie’s Disease) with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). This combination is painless, and effective!

How does the Re-Straight™ - Peyronie’s Disease Treatment work?

The Re-Straight™ – Peyronie’s Disease Treatment utilizes low-energy sound waves (Liswt), focusing these waves on the penile blood vessels, stimulating angiogenesis (new blood vessel growth). Furthermore, Low Intensity Shock-wave Therapy (Liswt) targets scar tissue in the penis resulting in scar tissue softening, scar tissue remodeling, faster tissue repair and increased cell growth. Combined with the Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) all these processes lead to the repairing, and improving of scar tissue, blood vessels and blood flow in the penis.

A word from Dr. Justin R. Johnsen M.D.

The Re-Straight™ – Peyronie’s Disease Treatment is truly a breakthrough treatment for men with Peyronie’s disease of all levels of severity. It is a painless, non-surgical, non-pharmacological treatment that can restore normal function, and bring back the fun and spontaneity in one’s relationship. Just because you are aging, does not mean that you must let life pass you by!