Re-Place™ - Testosterone Replacement Therapy in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The Most Effective way to Treat Low T!

What is Testosterone and What does it do?

● Testosterone is a naturally occurring hormone in both men and women that has many different and important biologic effects.
● Studies demonstrate that optimal testosterone levels are critical for maintaining ideal libido, energy, muscle strength, fat-free mass, and bone density.
● Testosterone has been shown to improve mood and cognition especially in males.

What are the Symptoms of Low Testosterone?

Low testosterone symptoms include but are not limited: Brain fog, decreased beard growth, depression, difficulty finding words, decreased endurance, erectile dysfunction (ED), fatigue, decreased or poor focus, gynecomastia (enlarged breast tissue), loss of body hair, hot flashes, irritability, decreased energy, loss of libido (reduced sex drive), low sperm count, decreased/poor memory, loss of motivation, loss of muscle mass, obesity, shrinking testicles, and weight gain.

ReMedical™ vs the Others… Not a Small Difference!

While testosterone is a fantastic hormone and necessary for proper function, it is not a substance to be taken lightly! It not candy to be handed out at the slightest whim like so many places want to do! It is critical you find a clinic, like ReMedical™ that treats testosterone replacement with the proper care and respect because both too high and too low testosterone levels can causes problems like erectile dysfunction (ED)!

Is Re-Place™ - Testosterone Replacement Therapy Right for Me?

If you suffer from low libido, decreased morning erections, fatigue, depression, anemia, reduced muscle strength, increased fat mass, loss of body hair, or any if the above mentioned symptoms, you are likely a candidate for the Re-Place™ – Testosterone Replacement Therapy!

A word from Dr. Justin R. Johnsen M.D.

Re-Place™ – Testosterone Replacement Therapy is an exciting new treatment that can significantly improve your life. If you are suffering from fatigue, depression, low energy, decreased muscle mass, decreased libido, increased fat gain, or a host of like symptoms, then the Re-Place™ – Testosterone Replacement Therapy might be right for you! Come see us! As mens’ health experts, we know that both too little or too high testosterone can cause problems. We will customize your care to achieve the correct level of testosterone! Now is the time to start this affordable and effective treatment, so that you can look and feel your best!